Frequently Asked Questions

Top 5 FAQs

Watch the video below to see the SPS Advising team answer the top five FAQs to help current students prepare for their classes and stay on track towards graduation.

Questions Arranged by Topic

1. How do I access Cardinal Apps?

Cardinal Apps is a UIW portal that gives you access to many important student tools, including Banner and Canvas. Use your email id and password to login.

The School of Professional Studies (SPS) focuses on a team advising dynamic. Any advisor at our three centers is able to assist any student.

Upon admission, you will receive a letter of introduction from your academic advisor. This email will contain important information to start your journey with the School of Professional Studies.

You can also receive immediate advising assistance by emailing: or by calling our advising team at (210) 702-2402.

2. How do I access my course?

  1. Click on Cardinal Apps.
  2. Log in using the username and password provided by your advisor which is also used to access Cardinal mail.
  3. If you do not remember your username and password, contact the UIW helpdesk at or (210) 829-2721. They offer a 24/7 service to assist you. Click on the icon for Canvas in Cardinal Apps. Once you click the icon, look to the "My Courses" area on the right side of the opening page.
  4. Click on your class to enter.
  5. You can find your course outline and book by clicking on the course outline and book link on the left side of your course homepage.

Please note: Many instructors will not post any course material until the first day of class. You should expect to see your syllabus before classes start. You may access the material by clicking on weekly lessons in the left menu on Canvas. The lessons for each week will be categorized into folders.

3. How do I view classes being offered for the next term?

The schedule of classes for the current term can be found on the annual schedule page.

1. I received the email from my Advisor welcoming me to the program. What do I do next?

Now that you have been welcomed to the program, make sure to review the information provided by your academic advisor in your welcome email: attachments, hyperlinks within the email and your student log in information.

2. I am ready to register for classes. What do I do next?

If you are registering for an SPS class, visit the SPS Registration page to access instructions.

3. I do not know which classes I should be registering for the next term?

Your official degree audit is available to you through Degree Works. Please login to Degree Works through the Cardinal Apps portal. Degree Works will outline courses still needed to complete your degree. You may also email your Academic Advisor at any time to ask for class advice.

4. I visited the registration page and my class is not available and/or nothing is showing?

If the registration form does not appear, it means that registrations are currently closed. If the registration form is showing, but the class chosen is not showing, it means the class is full or not offered for the term. Full classes are removed from the registration drop down. Therefore, classes that have reached their capacity will no longer show in the drop down list.

5. I registered for a class but have not heard from my Advisor?

The registration page states that you will only receive communication about your registration if there is a problem. Otherwise, your registration has been approved. Remember that all official communication is only sent to your UIW email.

All SPS classes are offered in Canvas. If your registration has been approved and processed, you will see a link in Canvas to access your course(s). Please allow a minimum of twelve (12) hours from the day you register for courses to be viewable in Canvas.

6. I see the name of my class in Canvas, but I don't see any material available.

Professors are required to have all material available to the students by the Friday before the beginning of classes. Therefore, most of the links will be empty until the Friday before the beginning of the term.

7. How do I drop a course?

Students should communicate with their advisor before dropping a course. Deadlines for drops are noted on the Course Drop page. The decision to drop a course can greatly impact a student’s success in meeting their educational goals and graduation dates. Reaching out to an academic advisor will assist you in making the best decision for your enrollment. Advisors are available to meet with you in person at our Learning Centers, by phone and connect with you via email. If you are unsure of your assigned advisor, please login to your Degree Works audit tool within the Cardinal Apps portal and click on the "Advisor Name" listed within the Student View section or you may contact us through our general student email

8. Do I need my advisor's signature to change my schedule/drop a class/withdraw from a class?

You do not need your advisor’s signature to change your schedule. However, you are encouraged to discuss the change with your advisor to ensure you are not impacting your graduation goals. You may change your schedule by self adding or self dropping before the deadlines listed for the first week of the term. After the add and drop deadlines, you must contact your advisor.

9. What is the last day to withdraw and receive a "W"?

The last day to drop a course within a term is the Friday of the sixth week of class, by 5 p.m. CST. Withdrawing from a course after the 100% deadline, will get you a 'W' grade for the course but you are still responsible for the full tuition for the course. Students should also contact Financial Aid to determine the impact this may have on their satisfactory progress regarding financial aid.

10. Can I take classes at UIW and SAC (or another college) at the same time?

You may take classes at UIW and SAC (or another college) at the same time if you receive approvals to do so. You must complete the "Request to Study at Another Institution" form and receive approval prior to enrolling elsewhere. Please be reminded that enrollment at UIW and another college (other than those approved through the inter-institutional) could affect your financial aid. Visit the Request to Study at Another Institution page and speak to your academic advisor.

11. How do I get a degree plan?

Your degree plan is available to you 24 hours a day through Degree Works. Login to the Cardinal Apps portal and click the Degree Works link to access. Degree Works is updated daily. Official degree audits are issued when the student has applied to graduate. Students should apply to graduate no less than one year prior to the anticipated date of graduation. If you are in your final year of enrollment, visit with your advisor to discuss your anticipated date of graduation.

12. How do I know what courses transferred and how they count toward a degree?

Degree Works will outline for you how your transferred courses applied to your degree plan. If you have any questions about the application of a course, please contact your academic advisor.

13. How are students classified?

  • Freshman: 1 – 29 semester hours
  • Sophomore: 30 – 59 semester hours
  • Junior: 60 – 89 semester hours
  • Senior: 90 or more semester hours

14. What are advanced hours?

Advanced hours are those courses that are considered junior or senior at UIW. The first number of the UIW course determines whether or not the course is considered advanced. At UIW, a number that starts with a "3 or 4" is considered advanced. All undergraduate degrees require 42 advanced hours. In no instance will a course taken at a junior/community/two-year college satisfy the advanced level requirement. While a course taken at a junior/community/two-year college may satisfy the degree requirements, thus substituting for the advanced course, it will not be used in the calculation of the required advanced hours.

15. When is the last day to register or add a class?

The Wednesday of the first week of class (week 1) is the last day to register for a course for that term. Please be advised that waiting until the first week of the term to register can place you at a disadvantage in selecting courses and/or missing parts of a course. Students are encouraged to register early to better prepare for classes.

16. How do I register for a class that is closed?

Each class has a limit on the number of students allowed to register for the class. The limit is based upon the space limitations of the room selected for the class. If the class you want is closed, your only option is to obtain over-ride approval signatures from the Dean of your school. Please contact your Academic Advisor for more information regarding this matter.

17. Can I take a course at another institution during my last semester at UIW?

Students must complete 36 of their last 45 hours at UIW. You may not take classes at another institution during your final semester at UIW.

18. I am not receiving all communication from UIW.

All official communication is emailed to your Cardinal email only (UIW email). It is the student’s responsibility to check their UIW email often.

19. Can I get my grades on the web?

You may view your semester grades or unofficial transcripts online using BannerWeb. If you have a hold in the Business Office, you will not be able to view your grades and must contact the Business Office to remove the hold. Grades are also available in Degree Works.

20. Can I get my grades or GPA over the phone?

Because of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), we cannot release your grades or your GPA over the phone. This information is available online through Cardinal Apps and BannerWeb.

21. Can I repeat a UIW course by taking the course at another institution?

No. Only UIW courses can replace courses recorded at UIW. Transfer work, CLEP or departmental examination cannot be used to repeat a course recorded at UIW. The last grade earned will be used in the calculation of the grade point average. Courses used to repeat recorded grades must be the exact course (i.e., same course number and title) of the original course for which the repeat is intended. While other courses may substitute for degree course requirements, they will not remove the original recorded grade from the grade point average calculation.

22. Can I protest a grade I received for a class?

The grades you receive each semester are considered final and are rarely over-turned. However, if you believe that you received a grade in error, you must contact your Academic Advisor to receive more information to initiate your appeal. All appeals must be in writing.

23. How long do I have to complete a grade of IP?

Undergraduates must complete their work for which an IP grade was recorded within the amount of time allocated by your instructor. Students who have applied to graduate must complete the IP course work by the last day to add or register for the semester during which they plan to graduate.

1. I am looking for a specific department's contact information. Where do I go?

You may find contact information for our departments on our Contact Us page.

2. How do I get a UIW Student Identification Card (ID)?

Please contact your academic advisor.

3. How do I get a copy of my transcript?

You may request official transcripts in BannerWeb by selecting 'Request Printed/Official Transcript' under the Student Records section. If you attended prior to Fall 1996, please complete a paper transcript request form found on the Registrar's page. Learn more about requesting transcripts.

4. What is the Community Service requirement?

The first Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word who came to San Antonio to minister to the sick and the poor were motivated by the Love of God and their recognition of God's presence in each person. It is in this spirit that the Community Service requirement was created and each student is required to serve others. Students may satisfy this graduation requirement by: selecting volunteer opportunities posted by Campus Ministry, taking courses designated as service-learning courses, or a combination of volunteer opportunities and service-learning courses.

Students are encouraged to discuss options for fulfilling the Community Service requirement and the method of documenting service with your advisor early in your academic career to prevent compliance problems during your final term/semester. Placement assistance is available through UIW Engage.

1. When should I apply to graduate?

Undergraduate students should apply to graduate when they have accumulated 90 semester hours or one year prior to your anticipated graduation date. The Application for Graduation requires your advisor's signature. Refer to the deadlines posted on the application so that you will receive a timely review. You will receive an audit of your degree. You and your advisor will need to work through any deficiencies noted by the deadline indicated on the audit.

2. Can I participate in the commencement ceremonies if I only lack six hours this Summer?

To participate in the graduation ceremonies, a student must have registered for and remain enrolled in all required courses necessary for graduation prior to or during the same semester in which s/he intends to graduate. Students who receive grades of F, IP or W in required courses in the semester in which they intend to graduate will be listed in the Commencement program and may participate in the ceremony. However, their date of graduation is the next conferral period. August candidates participate in the December graduation ceremonies.

3. Is there an August commencement ceremony?

At the present time, we do not have a separate August Commencement ceremony. Students completing their degrees during the summer months participate in the December commencement ceremony.

4. How do I know if I have honors?

Undergraduate students who complete baccalaureate degree requirements and have earned a minimum of 45 semester hours at UIW (excluding credit by examination or professional certification) are eligible to graduate with honors. The GPA achieved in all college-level semester hours attempted, to include transfer work, will determine the level of honors.

For the distinction Cum Laude, the student must have a 3.5 cumulative average. To graduate Magna Cum Laude and Summa Cum Laude, the student must maintain averages of 3.7 and 3.9 respectively. Graduate students who complete their programs with a 4.0 average graduate with distinction.

5. How long does it take to receive a degree audit once I apply to graduate?

Please allow 2-4 weeks to receive a degree audit once you apply to graduate.

6. When are Community Service hours required for graduation?

Community Service hours are required before you may apply to graduate. Your academic advisor will not accept an Application for Graduation without also receiving your Community Service documentation.

Forty-five hours of Community Service are required for undergraduate students, of which 30 must be completed off campus. Placement assistance is available on UIW Engage. Your Community Service must be documented to satisfy graduation requirements.