Advisory Board

The School of Professional Studies Criminal Justice enlists a board of criminal justice administrators, leaders and industry experts

The Criminal Justice Advisory Board was established in 2016 to advise, promote and actively support the School of Professional Studies Criminal Justice programs in achieving its mission and implementing its strategic plan for the betterment of our students, faculty, alumni and the criminal justice community. Board members include criminal justice and law enforcement administrators and leaders that span agencies from local, county, state, federal and military experience. Each brings their criminal justice acumen and real-world expertise to the classroom for the benefit of SPS students.

School Advocacy

  • Promote the program’s mission and goals to the broader community.
  • Encourage academic excellence while incorporating the school's commitment to cultural education, strengthening the community and educating Criminal Justice professionals.
  • Increase and strengthen the school’s reputation within the criminal justice and law enforcement community at a local, county, state, federal and military level.
  • Advise, critique, support and advocate for the program and school.
  • Be an ambassador for the school and University.

Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Advice and Expertise

  • Provides information on the latest practice and policy of Criminal Justice at the local, state and federal level.
  • Provide external perspective and review as well as advocacy and support for programs, strategic direction and overall objectives.
  • Serves as a support resource for contemporary Criminal Justice research projects.
  • Share expertise with students and faculty through such means as speaking to classes or student organizations.

Program Development and Support

  • Provide recommendations and suggestions for advanced and special topic courses, curriculum implementation and revisions to provide students with instruction in current Criminal Justice issues.
  • Ensures the school curriculum and degree programs prepare students to meet the professional challenges and opportunities in the field of Criminal Justice.
  • Review program effectiveness and formulate suggestions for improvements to help the programs to thrive.
  • Work collaboratively with the program director and faculty to promote the program’s focus on quality, cutting-edge education, research and community engagement.
  • Helps the school stay abreast of important and trending areas of Criminal Justice technology, training, social justice and reform.

Labor Market and Career Advice

  • Review and provide occupational-specific recommendations to current workforce training needs, emerging technologies and industry-recognized credentials.
  • Expand opportunities for students to find employment with board members and other Criminal Justice employers.
  • Provides support and guidance in our internship/practicum programs and linkage to Criminal Justice organizations.
  • Help the school develop contacts, working relationships and networking opportunities for students and graduates.

Sponsorship and Awards

  • Sponsor events and activities that bring the business world into the classroom and onto the campus.
  • Support faculty research addressing real-world Criminal Justice problems.
  • Assist with expanding the program’s reach with its alumni, creating a larger financial base for the program.
  • Engage in fundraising and make recommendations regarding utilization of external funds raised for the program.
  • Support the school with career fairs and other school-sponsored events.