New self-service option for SPS students.

July 2, 2021

Attention Cardinal Community

The School of Professional Studies (SPS) is pleased to announce a new option for our students. In our efforts to remove barriers for all student populations, students can now self-drop and withdraw from their course(s). This new development begins July 6, 2021.

SPS students may ONLY self-drop their course(s) BEFORE the 100% drop deadline of the term the course begins in (Friday of Week 1 by 5:00 pm).

IMPORTANT NOTE: After the 100% drop deadline (Week 1), students must go through an advisor to drop and withdrawal from a course.

Should students experience any technical difficulties, or other issues, while attempting to self-drop they can contact their SPS advisor who can assist with the student's request.

Student Registration Process:

Students may self-add/drop courses with no fees or penalties within the 100% drop deadline beginning July 6, 2021. After the 100% drop deadline, students are responsible for tuition of the dropped course.

Students should take the following steps for self add/drop:

  • Review required courses in Degree Works and with an advisor in advance of registering.
  • Review holds on their account. Holds must be cleared to self-add/drop.
  • For schedule changes, students should add the changed courses before dropping courses.
Verify the following when registering:
  • Financial aid status - adding and dropping courses will change annual awards.
  • Completion of prerequisites for the chosen course(s).
  • Instructional method of the course (online or face to face).
  • The correct term of the course (start and end dates).
  • Review billing statement for term.

Verify the following when dropping:

  • Financial aid status - adding and dropping courses will change annual awards.
  • Course availability - some courses are offered annually; check with an advisor if you are close to graduation.
  • Review billing statement for term.

Although course selections are viewable and reviewable by advisors, students are accountable for courses they self-add/drop. Students should keep in mind that courses dropped can result in a change to a student's graduation date and financial aid status.

For questions regarding this new drop policy, please contact your advisor for clarification and guidance.

For questions regarding your status on financial aid questions please contact the financial aid office directly.