A Special Message from the School of Professional Studies

December 6, 2021

Attention Cardinal Community

SPS is excited to hold face-to-face classes at our Northwest and Corpus Christi learning centers for Spring 2022. We will be offering both undergraduate and graduate in-person classes.

UIW will continue to monitor conditions and communicate updates with the Cardinal community on our UIW Response to COVID-19 webpage.

For courses and classes being offered Spring 2022, please see the list below.

Spring I and II 2022 Course Schedules

Click here to view the Spring I Course Schedule

Click here to view the Spring II Course Schedule

Students enrolled in the courses above must complete and adhere to all rules, guidelines and precautionary measures that all other students, staff and employees adhere to when on the Broadway campus. Students need to review all items found in the UIW Response to COVID-19 and complete the COVID-19 Safety training and acknowledgement form.

All remaining courses that were originally scheduled for on-ground will have an instructional method of distance education with synchronous instruction on the day and time scheduled.

Faculty will schedule between a 1-to-4-hour session to interact and engage student in the course material on the day and time listed with the course.

Your Academic Advisor is available to answer any questions you may have regarding these updates. To schedule an appointment, please click here.

Information for Student Veterans using VA benefits that have questions about Post 9/11 benefits and the Monthly Housing Rate (MHA) – COVID-19

H.R. 5545 – Responsible Education Mitigating Options and Technical Extensions Act extends the special COVID-19 rules to June 1, 2022. Post 9/11 GI Bill® students who pursue resident courses converted to an online modality solely due to COVID-19 will continue to receive the MHA rate for resident training. Please visit the VA FAQ page for further information.

The keyword is converted. The course must originally be a resident course converted to an online modality. Therefore, in order to receive an MHA rate for resident training for a term, we advise you to continue to select at least one originally offered a resident course within that term.

How to identify a resident course?

You can still identify a resident course even when it is converted to an online modality by section number.

The section number will begin with AH, NW, NE, and CC to indicate resident courses for the School of Professional Studies. A section # that begins with a V (Virtual) indicates an original online course and not a converted resident course.

If you have any questions or would like more clarification, please feel free to contact our office at veterans@uiwtx.edu or (210) 832-5651. We are more than happy to assist and review your schedule if needed.