Admissions Frequently Asked Questions


1. I haven't been in school for a while, where do I begin?

The first step toward starting your degree is completing the free admissions application. It only takes 10-15 minutes. Once you've completed your application, an admissions counselor will reach out to you with relevant information regarding next steps and the submission of your transcripts.

2. Why do I have to provide my Social Security Number (SSN) on the application?

Your SSN is a federal requirement for regionally accredited schools. If the student is using Financial Aid or any other funding, other than 100% "self-pay," providing a SSN also ensures that funds are distributed appropriately.

3. Where should I have transcripts mailed?

University of the Incarnate Word
School of Professional Studies
4301 Broadway CPO #285
San Antonio, TX 78209
We accept official electronic transcripts at

4. How do I know if you have received my transcripts?

If you have not yet been admitted, your admissions counselor can check on any transcripts that have been received. After your admissions decision is made, official transcripts are articulated and entered into our student system, Banner. Once your transcript is articulated, you will find the listing of your transferred courses in Degree Works once they have been reviewed. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their official transcripts are received within the first eight weeks of enrollment to ensure timely processing. Students should be able to see all transfer work within the first eight weeks if all official transcripts have been received and processed. Please contact your academic advisor if your transfer courses are not visible after you have completed your first course.

5. How soon will I have an admissions decision?

Once you have submitted your application, an admissions counselor will review it and contact you within three business days to confirm your application details and request any additional documentation, including transcripts or military records. We will need a high school transcript if you have under 24 college credits and most recent transcripts. If you have an undergraduate degree, we will need documentation of the conferral of that degree from a regionally accredited university to move forward on a graduate application. Admissions counselors review each application finalized within three business days of receiving all necessary documents. An email will be sent to the email address on your application with the admissions decision.

6. What if I’m a returning student, do I still need to complete an application?

If you previously attended UIW's School of Professional Studies (SPS) but have not been enrolled for a year or more and did not complete the UIW degree attempted, please review the steps and complete the form titled Get Started with the School of Professional Studies for undergraduate and graduate applicants. If you have attended another institution since your last enrollment, you must submit an official transcript of coursework attempted. Students must be in good standing to be readmitted to the University. If you are a UIW alumnus wanting to pursue a new degree, then you will have to complete a new application and go through the standard admissions process.

7. Is the degree really 100% online? I don't live in the city, so traveling to the campus isn't really an option.

Yes! School of Professional Studies degrees has associate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees that are available 100% online and that can be completed without any on-campus requirements. SPS does offer in-person classes as well for select degree programs and courses for those wanting the in-classroom experience.

8. I haven't been in school in years and I’m worried that online classes will be intense. What resources are available to help online students?

The School of Professional Studies has a robust set of resources for students to obtain support. Some examples are listed below:

SPS Tutoring - View all tutoring services offered to SPS students, including Math and English tutoring, the Online Writing Center and general UIW Tutoring Services.

Online Learning - Learn virtually and view tips on web conferencing (Zoom), online tech resources and more.

J.E. & L.E. Mabee Library - The UIW Mabee Library actively participates in the life of the University. It supports the University’s academic programs with materials, instruction and technology that advance the intellectual development of its students and the scholarship activities of its faculty.

Your academic advisor is there to assist you throughout your degree program with resources and guidance. Meet the challenges of completing your degree with their support and the tools provided throughout UIW.