Helping your employees grow, helps your business grow. The School of Professional Studies is helping to grow a more enriched community of leaders through our business education partnership program.

No longer does the notion hold that people are adequately educated, once and for all, by young adulthood. For adults in the 21st century, educational specialization in skills and training has become increasingly important as business and society changes along with technological advances.

All successful careers require critical thinking, teamwork, sensitivity to cultural, economic and societal differences and political perspectives. A liberal arts education provides this grounding.

Across all sectors and business sizes, our program is geared toward creating accessible coursework for working adults that are tailored to meet the talent and skills desired by both the individual and within the business organization.

These programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Degree completion
  • Certifications
  • Professional Development

How are we different?

  • Entrepreneurial: SPS looks at market trends and quickly applies them to keep programs relevant.
  • Affordable: Undergraduates receive free textbooks and all students benefit from no academic fees and a reduced tuition rate.
  • Flexible: Both online and classroom instruction is available to fit busy schedules.
  • Scholar Practitioners: SPS faculty use this model of teaching to help working professionals learn real-life experience and apply principles to their current environment.
  • Adult-Learner Focused: SPS understands the special needs of working professionals. We have tailored our programs to benefit adults who are results oriented, focused on relevance, and sometimes skeptical to new information. We provide the most support where it matters—to you employees.
  • Strategic Partnership: SPS engages in relationships with the community to improve educational opportunities for adult learners.

Our services

  • Employees can take individual courses, earn certificates or advanced degrees.
  • Courses can be taught conveniently within your facility or at an SPS Learning Center. Courses can also be taught 100% online from the comfort of an employee’s home.
  • Students will have the use of current technology to enhance the learning experience and provide relevant and timely communication of information.
  • SPS provides a hands-on approach using experiential and problem-based methods to connect concepts to workplace skills.

Employer benefits

  • Increase Productivity: Workers need to be continually learning to remain competitive and adapt to the ever-evolving modern work environment. Research has shown that employees are more productive when they feel challenged.
  • Stay Competitive: The need for highly skilled employees is critical to your organization’s success. UIW will help mobilize workers through education so your business remains at the forefront of its industry.
  • Cultural Fit: Education is the #1 impact on cultural fit in the office. Employees with a higher education will lead to higher retention and a happier workplace
  • Job Satisfaction: Employees respond positively to the opportunity to improve their job skills, resulting in greater job satisfaction.

Also available through our business education partnership:

  • Tuition discounts
  • Military and Veteran benefits