Admissions for Returning Students

If you have previously attended classes at UIW, you may not be required to fill out a new application. Please review the admissions process below.

Previous University of the Incarnate Word Students

Readmission for Students (Out More Than a Year or Seeking a New Degree)

If you previously attended UIW but have not been enrolled for a year or more, please complete the Get Started with the School of Professional Studies page for undergraduate and graduate applicants. When prompted on the My Account profile page, start an application and choose the readmission option.

Choose to Apply for Readmission if you have attended UIW in the past and:

  • You have earned an associate degree and are applying for a bachelor's degree.
  • You have attended UIW but have not completed the degree you began and wish to resume your studies with the same or a different major.
  • You would like to earn a second bachelor's or master's degree.

If you have attended another institution since your last enrollment, you must submit an official transcript of coursework attempted. Students must be in good standing to be readmitted to the university.

Former UIW students who have previously completed a degree and wish to apply for an additional UIW degree will need to apply for admission to that program.

Returning Students (Out Less Than a Year)

If you previously attended UIW's School of Professional Studies but had a break of enrollment of less than a year and did not complete the UIW degree attempted, please email to contact an advisor for assistance on registering for classes.

Have questions or need support? Please contact your current main campus Academic Advisor. If you do not have an advisor or need additional support, contact SPS Advising at Students without any previous UIW history should contact EAP Admissions at 210-757-0202 or

Current UIW Students

Current UIW students seeking to transfer to SPS or enroll in single SPS course can find transfer information on the undergraduate admissions page.

Military and Veterans Readmission

Please visit the Military and Veterans Services website to view readmission information.

Earn Credit Towards Your UIW Degree

Make progress towards your degree and complete prerequisite course credits online with the Cardinal Bridge program.

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