Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is designed for students who are ready to prepare for a career in the healthcare field or to move up to a senior leadership position if the student is a healthcare professional.


Choose from Two Concentrations

1. Administration Concentration

Prepare for 4 nationally accredited healthcare certifications

This concentration provides the option to sit for the following nationally accredited certifications: Cardiac Rhythm Analysis Technician, Certified Billing and Coding Specialist, Certified Electronic Health Record Specialist and Certified Medical Administrative Assistant. 

Completion of the core classes will satisfy the minimum certification examination requirements. Certified testing centers not affiliated with UIW will offer the exam and award the certification upon successful completion. 

2. General Studies Concentration

Receive credit for prior training experience

Students who have 18 or more credits in the allied health field or appropriate military training can transfer their credits into this degree program to fulfill the general studies concentration.

Degree Requirements

Core Curriculum (42-46 hours)

Completion of 46 semester hours of UIW Core Curriculum.

Core Major Curriculum (25 hours)

  • BIOL 1401 Diversity of Life and Laboratory
  • HSCI 2310 Health Science I
  • HSCI 2320 Health Science II
  • HSCI 3330 Legal Issues in Healthcare
  • HSCI 3350 Epidemiology and the Health Sciences
  • HSCI 4310 Healthcare Policy
  • HSCI 4320 Biostatistics and the Health Sciences
  • HSCI 4330 Health Sciences Research Methods

Major Curriculum (30 hours from the following)

  • HSCI 2312 Medical Terminology
  • HSCI 2315 Medical Coding
  • HSCI 2317 Medical Insurance Practice
  • HSCI 2327 Introduction to the Electronic Health Record
  • HSCI 2330 HIPAA Compliance and Certification
  • HSCI 2340 Information Technology Systems
  • HSCI 3305 Basic Cardic Rhythm Interpretation
  • HSCI 3310 Healthcare Organizations and Administration
  • HSCI 3315 Introduction to Administrative Medical Assisting
  • HSCI 3317 Healthcare Communication
  • HSCI 3320 Healthcare Data Management
  • HSCI 3340 Third Party Payment Systems
  • HSCI 3355 Healthcare Ethics and Law
  • HSCI 4340 Capstone in Health Sciences

Concentration Curriculum (Choose one)

General Studies

18 or more transfer credits in the allied health field or appropriate military training.

Administration (21 hours)

  • ACC 2311 Financial Accounting
  • BLW 3317 Legal Aspects of Business
  • FIN 3321 Business Finance
  • MGT 3340 Concepts and Functions of Management
  • MGT 3354 Theories and Concepts of Personnel Management
  • MGT 4340 Applied Management Practice
  • MGT 4355 Organizational Behavior

Elective Coursework

Remaining hours needed to meet 120 hour requirement are selected by student. Transfer credit may be used to fulfill these hours.