Bachelor of Arts in Administration

The Bachelor of Arts in Administration is designed especially for the transfer student. It contains a professional sequence of business courses that will provide students with the necessary background in administration for entry-level positions.

This degree permits the student to customize his/her plan by giving the option of utilizing previous academic work in a single discipline or adding a minor that can complement current job requirements or prepare for future goals.

Degree Requirements

Core Curriculum (46 hours)

Completion of 46 semester hours of UIW Core Curriculum

Major Curriculum

  • ACC 2311 Financial Accounting
  • BIS 2325 Business Information Processing
  • MSC 3370 Statistical Analysis of Business
  • MGT 3340 Concepts and Functions of Management
  • MGT 3354 Theories and Concepts of Personnel Management
  • MGT 4355 Organizational Behavior
  • FIN 3321 Business Finance
  • BLW 3317 Legal Aspects of Business
  • MKT 3331 Introductory Marketing Concepts and Strategies
  • ECN 2302 Microeconomics

Specialization Curriculum (12-18 hours)

Transfer courses in a single discipline or a selected minor.


Hours as needed to meet the 120 total credit hours to be eligible for graduation.