Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) is designed for students who have completed a minimum of 18-30 credit hours of previous work in an occupational or technical field, and who want to utilize those hours toward completing a BA degree.

Students must have 18 hours in a single field (cannot mix and match fields). Examples of occupational coursework could include military experience, as well as classes completed at technical schools and community colleges. These classes are in fields such as Cosmetology, Paralegal, Culinary Arts, Paramedic Training, and Dental Hygiene. We will combine these transfer hours with a professional component and electives to give students excellent administrative background for a variety of career options. The student will be able to use this degree in preparation for a graduate degree such as the MBA or MAA.

Degree Requirements

Core Curriculum (46 hours)

Completion of 46 semester hours of the UIW Core Curriculum

Major Curriculum (30 hours)

  • HRES 3330 Human Resources and the Law
  • HRES 3350 Staffing
  • MKT 3331 Introductory Marketing Concepts and Strategies
  • MGT 3340 Concepts and Functions of Management
  • MGT 3354 Theories and Concepts of Personal Management
  • MGT 4355 Organizational Behavior
  • MGT 4390 Ethical Practices in Business
  • ORGD 3340 Organizational Development
  • ORGD 3360 Teambuilding in Organizations
  • ORGD 4350 Leadership in Organizations

Specialization Curriculum (18-30 hours)

18-30 hours normally taken at a community college in an occupational or technical field related to Business, Education, Humanities, Arts, or Sciences. Typically, this work constituted the major requirements for the associate’s degree at the community college.

Upper-Level Electives (14-26 hours)

14-26 hours as needed to meet the 120 total credits and 36-hour upper-level requirement for graduation.