Writing Resources

School of Professional Studies students are encouraged to use the resources provided by SmartThinking through your Canvas. The Office of Research and Graduate Studies supports graduate and professional students' writing development through personal assistance and class presentations. Remember, good writing skills are developed over time with practice and the willingness to ask for help.


Getting Started

Please go into Canvas and click on the SmartThinking application to get started. UIW is offering individual online tutoring appointments through Smarthinking. Smarthinking tutoring is available 24x7.

Writing Resources

View and download the PDF handouts listed below that are meant to assist you in the writing process.


  • How to become an active reader
  • Written vs oral communication
  • How to write a summary
  • How to write a thesis statement
  • Examples for writing thesis statements
  • How to develop and evaluate paragraphs
  • How to avoid run-on sentences
  • When to use a passive voice
  • Rules to avoid plagiarism
  • How to use transitional expressions

Visuals for Writing Organization


Feel free to send in suggestions or comments for other materials you would like to see added to the site that would be useful for planning and writing.

Don't Forget

  • Becoming a good writer takes time and practice.
  • Never get discouraged as even the most experienced writers have to stay sharp by practicing, proofreading and asking for help!
  • Remember to ask for help when needed!
  • Don't rely on Microsoft Word's spelling and grammar check as it does not catch every mistake!