Course Descriptions

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Major Course Descriptions

This course is designed to develop knowledge and understanding of management functions. Through the use of current periodical literature, lecture and discussion, the course provides examples of management decision-making techniques for dealing with problems that commonly occur in the work setting.

This course provides a comprehensive study of theory and concepts applicable to the strategic management and decision-making process. Case studies and independent research projects provide practice in applying strategic assessment, decision making and implementation processes.

Emphasis is placed on the contributions of the behavioral sciences toward understanding human behavior in organizations along several dimensions. Using a participative framework, students examine individual, group, and organizational issues relevant to today's changing workplace. Same as ORGD 7320.

This course examines planned organizational change, defined as a set of activities and processes designed to change individuals, groups, and organizational processes, systems and structures. Intended for individual contributors or managers in positions to anticipate, influence, and generate change.

This course is proposed as an elective course in SPS that replaces BMGT 6311.  This course covers the fundamentals of human resource management from an applied perspective in support of a 9-hour specialization in Human Resource Management.  Finally, a foundational human resource management course is a standard option for students interested in this specialization.

This project-based course builds upon the knowledge, skills and abilities gained and developed in the core and concentration coursework and the student’s employment experiences. Actual organizational issues are analyzed, discussed and possible strategies are evaluated and defended. Student projects are based on organizational issues that are consistent with the student’s area of concentration.

Prerequisite: Final semester or permission of instructor. | 3 Credit Hours