Small Business Workshop

We have partnered with Gary Johnson, CPA, MBA to offer students interested in how to start and run their own small business. Begin your journey by joining Gary for a free introduction to his workshops on the dates shown. Then, for a more intense workshop, sign up for his one-day program how to Start a Small Business and join him the second day for his workshop How to Run a Small Business.

2024 Online Seminars

Free Two-Hour Introductory Workshop, please "click the enroll button" to register and select the seminar time.

Registration is now open!

  • 20 Biggest Pitfalls in Starting and Running a Small Business
  • How To Price Your Product or Service
  • How To Start With Very Little Cash
  • Advantages of a Corporation and LLC How To Select a Location Determining
  • How Much Money You'll Need
  • Where To Go When the Bank Says "No"

Receive a free 12-page workbook and use this "shirt sleeve" workshop to improve your company's profits or start a successful new business. Bring a pencil, calculator and your business questions.

How To Start a Profitable Small Business Bootcamp

  • How To Analyze Your Market (What's Behind the Numbers)
  • How To Know When To Start a Business From Scratch VS. Buying One
  • 4 Characteristics of a Successful Franchisee
  • Where To Find Your Potential Customers
  • How To Determine Inventory Supply
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Sole-Proprietors, Partnerships and Corporations
  • What Professional Advice You Need Before You
  • Open Your Business and How Much To Pay For It
  • How To Get a Loan

How To Run a Profitable Small Business Bootcamp

  • How To Keep Records
  • Sales and Advertising How-To's
  • How To Attract Good Employees and Keep Them
  • How To Handle Collections and Bad Debt
  • The Pros and Cons of a Computer
  • How To Save Postage
  • How To Buy All the Legal Advice You Need for $500 Per Year
  • How To Get the IRS to Forget Your Audit, Help Them Lose Track of Your File

Seminar Leader

Gary Johnson, MBA, CPA, has 30 years of small business consulting experience. You should find this a stimulating and profitable 2 hours.


How to Start a Profitable Small Business Workshop

"Very beneficial to a new small business owner! Mr. Johnson gave me a roadmap to navigate the winding path of small business ownership. " – Michelle K.

"Mr. Johnson’s expertise in the material presented is impressive. I've learned more about starting a business in a few hours than I did in the few years that I majored in Business." – Tim W.

"Great, proactive prep class to get your business going. A must to increase business success." – Teresa L.

"Gary Johnson did an amazing job of effectively presenting stimulating material on how to start a small business. I encourage anyone who may be considering starting a business to take this course first. It is useful and beneficial." – Adam L.

How to Run a Profitable Small Business Workshop

"For someone with hardly any business knowledge, it was a good experience and tools needed to become successful." – Jesus S.

"Definitely worth the investment. Thank you for the information and valuable tools! Time very well spent!" – Nicole S.

"The material presented was excellent but the most valuable resource provided by this course is the three years of follow-up information and advice available to me." – Jo S.

"Definitely worth every penny and then some." – Steph B.