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SPS Undergraduate Admissions


  • Applicants must be out of high school for at least 5 years.
  • A grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 is suggested for admission to the University. Based on academic criteria, applicants may be asked to take an academic placement test.

Applicants should have completed 3-years of full-time employment. (For the purpose of this program, an adult who has worked full-time inside the home for a minimum of 3-years will fulfill the employment requirement.)

Residency Requirement
The residency requirement at the undergraduate level is 45 credit hours. 36 hours of the 45-hour residency requirement must be completed within the last 45 credit hours taken for degree completion. The 45-hour residency requirement can be fulfilled with courses taken in any instruction format offered at UIW. 12 of the total 45-hour residency requirement must be upper division courses in the major field of study.

International Student Visa Restrictions

Students with the following visa types are only eligible to apply to Main Campus as International Students. Visit the International Admissions website to learn more.

  • B1/B2 tourist visa (Cannot enroll in university study)
  • F-1/F-3 student visa
  • F-2 dependent of student visa
  • J-1 exchange visa

How to Apply

Fill out the online application. The application deadline is the Sunday one week prior to term start date. For assistance with an application, please email our admissions staff or call us at (210) 757-0202 or toll free at (877) 603-1130.

Active-Duty Military Admissions | Veteran Admissions

Students who applied and were previously enrolled in the School of Professional Studies have not attended class in more than two terms do not need to complete a new application. To re-enroll into classes, please follow the instructions on the Returning Student Readmission Page

As part of the admissions process, request official transcripts from all previous schools you have attended after you've submitted an application. No admission can be completed, and no formal degree plan prepared, until we receive current (issued within the last 6 months) official transcripts from all post-secondary schools you have attended. Students with fewer than 24 transferable hours must also submit high school transcripts as well.

Mail Official Transcripts to:

SPS Admissions
University of the Incarnate Word
4301 Broadway CPO #294
San Antonio, Texas 78209

Universities and colleges may send electronic transcripts to
School code: 6303

Having trouble accessing the application?
Our application page may be not be accessible or may be blocked from workplace or government networks. Please try accessing the website from a private computer/device at home or from an alternate network. If you continue to have difficulties, contact or 800-318-1876 for assistance.

Note to current UIW main campus students:

SPS is designed for the adult learner who has been out of high school for five years and has worked in a full-time job for three years. Courses are taught by scholar practitioners who expect students to share their work experience in classes.
UIW main-campus students who are within 15 credits of graduation and cannot get the classes they need on-campus may ask their advisor to take a class online. The student’s main campus dean must also approve. The dean of the School of Professional Studies has final approval. Students who are allowed to take courses are advised of the expectations for the classes.