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We provide leadership for continuous improvement in academic programs, faculty development and ultimately student success. Our ongoing instructional, administrative and technical support and training ensures that all full-time and part-time faculty are delivering quality instruction to students. We look forward to working with you!

Recommended Faculty Starting Points

For the latest information related to teaching online at SPS, enroll in our Getting Started with SPS course.

Note: Enrollment in this course is for SPS faculty only.

  • Vital Source collaborates on providing free books for all undergraduate students and active-duty military graduate students.
  • Undergraduate courses will have an eBook link provided by Vital Source in the course.
  • Graduate courses will have book documentation listed in the course. Active-duty military students will receive an email with instructions on how to access their free book.
  • Hard copy books can be purchased through the UIW Bookstore.
  • Open-Source - Faculty can use other formats of literature, ex. PDF

If you have questions on your eBook, please reach out to Cari Robledo.

Faculty Resources

Takeaway Tips: Bite-Sized Instructional Strategies

The SPS Office of Academic Affairs offers faculty support for quality online learning.

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