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Online Writing Center

School of Professional Studies students are encouraged to use the Online Writing Center's resources. This site was created as a free resource for students to access materials needed for various aspects of the writing process. Remember, good writing skills are developed over time with practice and the willingness to ask for help. There are no silly questions!

Getting started

Please read the OWC Guidelines below before starting.

Submit a drafted paper for us to review with the Submission Form on the Contact Us page. 

OWC Guidelines

  1. Services provided by the OWC are restricted to currently enrolled School of Professional Studies (SPS) students. Main campus students can access writing tutoring/support at
  2. The center provides help by:
    • Answering questions regarding your writing.
    • Talking with you about strategies you can use to improve your writing.
    • Offering help with planning or revising your papers.
  3. We will not directly edit or proofread your papers.
  4. We recommend that you send us questions before you start a paper or when you are working on it,
    not when the final paper is due soon.
  5. After submitting your request or question and drafted paper, you will need to work with a tutor via e-mail.
  6. If an instructor requests or requires notification that the online writing center is being used, students may forward correspondence from the tutor to the instructor.  Instructors are not copied on emails automatically.
  7. Please expect a 24-48 hour response time due to review demands. There is a maximum of two reviews for each assignment. Reviews are completed Monday-Saturday (Saturdays until 3 p.m.)