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Case Study Highlights the Transformative Reutilization of Brooks City Base

Time Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Department School of Professional Studies

SPS Doctoral Student Publishes Case Study on San Antonio’s Historic Brooks City-Base

The case study of Doctor of Business Administration candidate, Ricardo H. Lowe, was published in the Academy of Business Research Journal: Brooks City-Base: The Astute Rebranding of a National Icon.


From 1917 to 2011, Brooks City-Base served as a landmark of San Antonio and the United States Air Force, until its mandated closure, a casualty of military restructuring of functions and operations. Leading up to its demise and to avert any future considerations for closure, local and state officials lobbied the Pentagon towards a novel City-Base agreement. Accordingly, stakeholders pioneered a plan to partner with the City of San Antonio, thus, chartering a unique public-private, shared operating expenses relationship, the first of its type for any military installation in the nation. As an incentive, Pentagon officials encouraged San Antonio officials towards a transformation of acquired Brooks City-Base real estate into a business, research, and technology park that might, at that time, complement military operations. Faced with the ultimate decision to shutter military operations, Brooks City-Base alternated to marketing its commercial park complex.

However, plagued with somewhat steady but tepid growth, anxious policy makers in local government strived for a more forward-thinking and ingeniously aggressive approach. In response, Brooks City-Base emerged a master-planned, mixed-use community, which boasts commercial, retail, and residential properties. Moreover, salaries at Brooks CityBase remain  competitive, averaging $50,000 a year. This case study presents innovative approaches championed by decision-makers, which may be adopted for the revitalization of inner cities,  applicable markets, or potential business models.

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