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Featured Faculty

Dr. Hieu Jack Phan

Dr. Hieu Jack Phan currently serves as an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Program Chair of the School of Professional Studies. (Pictured: Dr. Phan and his sons)

  • Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University
  • MA, Human Resources Management, Webster University
  • MA, Social Science, Baker University
  • BA, Administration of Justice, University of Missouri
  • AA, Criminal Justice, Metropolitan Community Colleges

Dr. Phan has over 15 years of applied field experience in law enforcement, forensic science, corrections, probation, and crime scene investigations and uses this experience in instructing undergraduate and graduate courses in these fields and in a variety other social science courses. Dr. Phan has also developed and implemented online criminal justice associate and bachelor degree programs at previous institutions. He also evaluates and verifies the accreditation compliance, criteria, and standards of higher education institutions as an accreditation auditor. Dr. Phan has also served as dissertation chair and mentored doctoral students. Dr. Phan is a graduate of the Kansas law enforcement officer and correctional officer academies and has completed over 3,000 hours of specialized training in such diverse areas as Asian Gangs, Asian Organized Crime, Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response, Advanced Fingerprinting Analysis and Identification, Advanced Detective and Criminal Investigation, and Crime Scene Forensic.

Dr. Phan enjoys camping, fishing, skeet shooting, collecting antique toy soldiers, and traveling to Asia.

Classes Taught 2018

  • CRIJ 1301 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CRIJ 2323 Introduction to Corrections
  • RIJ 2333 Juvenile Justice
  • CRIJ 3340 Victimology
  • CRIJ 3360 Criminal Justice Administration
  • CRIJ 3380 Criminal Investigations
  • CRIJ 3395 Internship in Criminal Justice
  • CRIJ 4307 Crime Scene Analysis and Reconstruction
  • CRIJ 4380 Criminal Justice Capstone
  • ADED 6388 Effective Team and Groups
  • EDUC 6333 Teaching/Learning Action Research

Currently Teaching

  • Spring I 2019
    • CRIJ 1301 Introduction to Criminal Justice
    • CRIJ 1325 Criminology
    • CRIJ 3315 Legal and Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
  • Spring II 2019
    • CRIJ 2303 Introduction to Homeland Security
    • CRIJ 3300 Public and Private Security
    • CRIJ 4380 Criminal Justice Capstone

Q and A

  1. Have you always had a passion for teaching?
    When I was a police officer, I first began teaching as an adjunct instructor at a junior college. I immediately knew that I could connect with students from all walks of life and on every age level. In the classroom, I built an enduring relationship with my students, at the same time, I made learning fun, stimulating, inspiriting and engaging. I knew teaching was my second calling in life.
  2. Why did you decide to become an educator?
    I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with students who are pursuing a career in criminal justice. I believe good teaching is as much about passion as it is about the reason. It is about not only motivating students to learn, but teaching them how to learn, and doing so in a manner that is relevant, meaningful and memorable. I want to teach my students how to bridge the gap between theory and practice and to get out of their box and immerse themselves in their field, talking to, consulting with, assisting practitioners, and connecting with their communities. I want to push my students to excel; at the same time, teach them how to be good human beings, respecting others, and being professional at all times.
  3. What is one of your most memorable moments in the classroom?
    I invited a Captain with the San Antonio Police Department to speak about “Legal and Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice”. During the discussion, he asked the class to define what integrity is. One of my students stood up and says; “according to Dr. Phan, it is doing the right thing when no one is looking”! The police captain responded, “that is one of the best answers I have ever heard”. I sat in the back of the classroom smiling like a clam at high tide.
  4. If you could pass on any wisdom to your students, what would you share?
    Please understand that you are a work in progress, and if you know in your heart that you are doing your best, then your heart is in the right place. God made you; you will have to make yourself. So in order for you to attain the impossible, you must attempt the impossible or the improbable. Life is an exciting business and it is most exciting when it is lived for your family and humanity.
  5. Is there a quote or saying that you live your life by?
    “What we do in life echoes through eternity”.
  6. What is your favorite movie?
    In the Heat of the Night because of our perception towards racial tension, social justice, bigotry and the social importance that deals heavily with the human ability to read other people as well as go beyond our initial assumptions or prejudices to see who a person truly is.
  7. What is your favorite book?
    Man's Search for Meaning based on the personal experience of Viktor Frankl who survived the Holocaust. Frankl tells us that we cannot avoid suffering but we can choose how to cope with it, find meaning in it, and move forward with renewed purpose. Through “logotherapy”, Frankl encourages us to discover and pursue what personally gives us meaning in life.
  8. What is one thing you would like students to know about you?
    I am a chef of Asian cuisine and I regularly play Xbox online.