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Cardinal Monthly

September 2019 - Issue 2

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A Word from the Dean

Three SPS DBA Students Complete Full Research Dissertations.

Please join us in warmly congratulating Dr. Brit Peek, Dr. Diane Rodriguez, and Dr. Joren Scharn who will be walking the stage in December 2019 to receive their Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) for successfully completing all the requirements of the program culminating in a full dissertation.

In the DBA program at the School of Professional Studies, students have the choice of pursuing a full dissertation over the course of a minimum of three semesters or selecting the presentation/publication/work-based project options to meet the culminating experience requirements of the 45-hour (minimum requirement) program successfully after finishing at least 33 credit hours of coursework. In the past, a majority of students have pursued the presentation/publication/work-based study options but all of that changed this year with three of our DBA students completing full dissertations and successfully defending them publicly in August 2019. More than 85 people attended the three Public Defenses that were held on August 21-23rd by Zoom conferencing and each student had a chance to receive meaningful feedback from the audience.

All three students started their individual research journeys in Summer 2018, when they worked on mixed methods research proposals for one of their classes. Once they explored the literature and found the potential for a meaningful contribution in their fields of interest, the students decided to take the dissertation path towards graduation. The titles and brief description of their dissertations are as given below (page 2). Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like more information about any of these dissertations.

- Vincent Porter, Dean, School of Professional Studies