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Admissions for Returning & Current Students

If you have previously attended classes at UIW but did not complete your degree, you may not be required to fill out a new application. Please review the admissions process below.

Previous School of Professional Studies Students

Students Seeking Readmission: If you previously attended UIW's School of Professional Studies (SPS) but have not been enrolled for a year or more and did not complete the UIW degree attempted, please complete the Student Readmission Form below. You do not need to complete a new application. If you have attended another institution since your last enrollment, you must submit an official transcript of coursework attempted. Students must be in good standing to be readmitted to the university.

Complete the Student Readmission Form for previous SPS Students (undergraduate and graduate)

Note: Former UIW students who have previously completed a degree and wish to apply for an additional UIW degree will need to apply for admission to that program.

Current UIW Main-Campus Students

For current UIW main campus students who intend to:

  • Take a class with SPS but remain a main-campus student
  • Transfer schools completely to SPS as a full or part-time student

SPS is designed for the adult learner who has been out of high school for five years and has worked in a full-time job for three years. Professors are scholar practitioners who expect students to share their work experience in classes. Classes are taught in an accelerated eight-week term with all of the learning outcomes required of a typical sixteen-week semester. The instruction format may be online, taught in the classroom in the evening or on weekends at a UIW learning center, or may be blended with both online and classroom instruction.

Degree programs available

Requirements for main-campus students to take a single class in SPS

Student must be within 15 credits of graduation or have extenuating circumstances that necessitate taking courses. A new application is not required.

  • Student must receive approval for the specific course from his/her main campus advisor and dean of their program.
  • Student must receive approval from an advisor in the School of Professional Studies (SPS) and the dean of the school. Approval from SPS is requested when registering for a class in that school.
  • Register for your desired course and the request will be reviewed by an advisor.
  • Once approval is received, the student will be contacted by an advisor.

Other requirements may apply. Please consult your main campus adviser.

Requirements for main-campus students to transfer to SPS

A main campus student who wishes to transfer to the School of Professional Studies (SPS) must change their degree to a degree offered within the school and meet the qualifications of an applicant. A new application is not required.

Transfer Qualifications:

  • Be out of high school for five years
  • Completed three years of full-time employment
  • 2.0 GPA and in good standing with UIW

Note: No transcripts need to be submitted if currently a student with UIW.

For more information, please see your current academic advisor.


The student should complete the Change of Major/Concentration/Program form to indicate your desire to switch from main campus to the School of Professional Studies. Choose the new major you intend to pursue on the form. You will be contacted by an academic advisor who will review your qualifications and update UIW student records if the program change is approved.

For questions/support, please contact your current main campus Academic Advisor. If you do not have an advisor or need additional support, contact EAP Advising at Students without any previous UIW history should contact EAP Admissions at 210-757-0202 or