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Health Sciences Certifications Opportunities

Using general electives, students can elect to sit for nationally accredited certifications in four high-demand areas qualifying students for employment in a variety of healthcare settings.

The following table indicates Specialty Curriculum required for the following administrative certification examination(s)
HSCI 3315 Introduction to Administrative Medical Assisting     X  
HSCI 3317 Healthcare Communication X X X  
HSCI 3310 Healthcare Organizations and Administration X X X  
HSCI 2312 Medical Terminology X X X  
HSCI 2315 Medical Coding   X X  
HSCI 2317 Medical Insurance Practice   X X  
HSCI 3340 Third Party Payment Systems   X X  
HSCI 2327 Introduction to the Electronic Health Record X X X  
HSCI 2330 HIPAA Compliance and Certification X X X  
HSCI 2340 Health Information Technology and Systems X      
HSCI 3320 Healthcare Data Management X      
HSCI 3321 Information Systems for the Health Sciences X X    
HSCI 3355 Healthcare Ethics and the Law X X X  
HSCI 3305 Basic Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation       X

CEHRS – Electronic Health Record Specialist Certification
CMAA – Medical Administrative Assistant Certification
CBCS – Billing and Coding Specialist Certification

All three certifying exams can be taken at the National Health Career Association website.

In order to check eligibility and process, download the brochure.

Cost of each exam is $115*


  • Possess a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Successfully complete a training program offered by an accredited or state-recognized institution or provider or successfully complete a formal training program offered by any branch of the U.S. Military.  Candidates can also be eligible based on the completion of at least one year of supervised work experience

CRAT – Certified Rhythm Analysis Technician

The certifying exam can be taken at the Cardiovascular Credentialing International website

Cost of the exam is $160*


  • Possess a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Successful completion of a cardiovascular or allied health program as evidenced by a student verification level, or letter from an employer indicating that the candidate worked in the field or did significant volunteer work in the field, or graduate/undergraduate degree in a related field

Please note: Upon successful completion of appropriate courses (see table above), the student must petition the Dean of the School of Applied Sciences for a letter of completion at

*Course costs are subject to change. Please check the certification test provider website for current pricing.