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Certificate in Organizational Development

With the approval of the appropriate College/School Dean, certificates may be presented to students in recognition of their attendance at special not-for-credit seminars or continuing educational professional development and in recognition of their earning credit hours in UIW courses offered in a particular field or fields. The reception/awarding of a certificate will not appear on the transcript, even when the certificate attests to earning credit hours for UIW courses. When appropriate, for-credit courses taken to earn a certificate may be considered as fulfilling the requirements of a degree program only if the student applies to, meets admission requirements of, and is accepted into the program.

All students taking graduate courses and seeking a certificate must apply for admission to the University’s Graduate School and provide evidence of an earned Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning with an overall GPA of 2.5 or better. Official transcripts from each college and university previously attended must be mailed directly from the college or university to the Admissions Office. Students may have to meet additional requirements set by the school or college from which the certificate is being issued.

12 hours of required courses:

ORGD 6330
Foundations of Organizational Research and Assessment
Course Description

Course emphasizes the development of quantitative and qualitative organizational research and analysis techniques. Interviewing, participant observation, artifact analysis and principles of survey design, administration and evaluation represent a few of the techniques covered in this course as they relate to organizational assessment and problem solving. Students will become familiar with the concepts, principles, and techniques of research design, data collection, sampling, analysis and reporting. Students will also become familiar with the importance of ethical behavior as it relates to research activities. Students will develop the ability to produce and report descriptive statistics related to organizational survey assessment.

ORGD 6340
Organizational Consulting
Course Description

This course presents the fundamentals of organizational consulting, both as an internal and external consultant, including: the consulting process, tactic and strategies, client management, and ethics of consulting.

ORGD 6351
Foundations of Organizational Development
Course Description

Course will provide an overview of the discipline of Organizational Development (OD), the phases of OD practice, and in-depth exploration of organizational entry/contracting, diagnosis of problems, and feedback of diagnostic results and action-planning. The ethics and values of the OD professional and self-assessment will be an integrative theme and experience during the semester.

Prerequisites: ORGD 6320 and ORGD 6330. Same as ORGD 7351.

ORGD 6352
Interventions in Organizational Development
Course Description

This course builds on the Foundations of OD, with emphasis on developing and implementing OD interventions, as well as evaluating and sustaining the interventions. Interventions such as human resource development, teambuilding, process improvement and restructuring are explored.

Prerequisite: ORGD 6351. Same as ORGD 7352.