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Student Outcome Goals

Students at UIW are expected to develop knowledge, attitudes, skills, and values in each of the following goal areas:

Critical and Creative Thinking: to analyze information logically and to utilize and transform knowledge in fair-minded, purposeful, and imaginative ways.

Effective Communication: to write and speak clearly and persuasively and to convey meaning effectively in non-verbal contexts.

Media/Technology: to understand the benefits and limitation of technology and media and how to use them in socially positive ways.

Research: to synthesize the gathering, evaluating, and interpreting of data in a study or creative work that can be shared with a community of scholars.

Global and Historical Consciousness: to understand and be sensitive to the ways humans have been influenced by cultural, religious, and ethnic traditions, by economic forces, and by environmental opportunities and limitations.
Aesthetic Engagement: to realize the significant role that aesthetic experience and the visual/performing arts play in shaping meaningful lives.

Quantitative/Scientific Analysis: to use mathematical reasoning and the scientific method to address issues in an increasingly complex, technological world.

Social Justice: to use ethical decision-making skills to evaluate the consequences of personal behavior as well as the policies and practices of groups and systems.

Professionalism: to develop leadership qualities that help achieve personal goals and contribute to the good of society through work.

Integration/Spirituality: to understand the importance of developing as a whole person who is spiritually mature and dedicated to being a productive and responsible citizen.

Appropriate assessment strategies will determine student success in achieving the outcomes under these goals and demonstrate that UIW is accomplishing its educational mission. By this means, UIW offers its students the opportunity to grow as self-filled human beings and competent professionals dedicated to service.


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