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Scheduling and Class Registration

Class Schedule

Students are limited to enrolling for 6 credit hours per term in SPS, SAS, or a combination of SPS and SAS. You may request to take 9 hours in one term, but there are parameters you must meet to receive permission from your academic advisor. Under no circumstances can a student take more than 9 hours per term as this is determined to be unfeasible using an accelerated course format.

Classes are offered according to an annual schedule. It is recommended that students use the annual schedule and degree sequence (found on the degree profile flyer) to plan their course schedule for every term. The annual class schedule may be accessed either by their degree or learning center on the website. See your advisor for more information in regards to using the annual class schedule to determine course availability and your degree plan.

Any scheduled course may be canceled because of insufficient enrollment, at the discretion of the Dean, after consultation with the Directors and academic advisors. "Sufficient enrollment" shall be determined on a course by course basis, or in the absence of such determination, shall be 8 students.

Course registration is completed via a web form on the registration web page located at (School of Professional Studies) or (School of Applied Sciences).

Your first registration will usually take place at your initial advising session when you complete your unofficial degree plan. You can register for upcoming terms when they become available on the registration web page. Please consult your advisor before submitting your registration for the following terms after your initial registration.

Schedule Changes

Schedule adjustment deadlines are distributed throughout the Learning Center prior to the deadline. The SPS Offices, the faculty and the administration enforce all published or announced deadlines.

Students may adjust their schedules after registration upon completion of the Add/Drop form available at a learning center or online at the SPS website. Advisor signatures are required for all schedule adjustments. Changes are not official until the completed form is returned to the Learning Center Office or Academic Advisor. A $50 administrative fee is incurred with all drops and withdraws.

Notice to an instructor or other office does not cancel registration. Drops or withdrawals without proper documentation may result in failure in the course or courses for the semester and the student will be responsible for full payment of all tuition, fees and other charges.

Students who drop a course or courses before the deadline for doing so will receive a grade of "W". After the deadline to drop a course with a "W," students may not adjust their schedule and will receive a grade based upon the work completed in the class.

Drop/Withdrawal Policy

To drop or withdraw from a course, you must contact an advisor or staff member or complete an Add/Drop form and turn it in to an advisor or staff member. Contacting your instructor or failing to show up for classes will not drop or withdraw you from a course. A $50 administrative fee is incurred with all drops and withdraws.

REFUND PERIODS: 100% refund if dropped before 5:00 pm on the Friday of the first week of classes.(If you withdraw from classes completely, and have a student loan, a federally mandated table of refunds will apply.)

WITHDRAWAL WITHOUT PENALTY: The last day to withdraw from a class without academic penalty is the end of the sixth week of classes (Friday before 5:00 pm). You MAY NOT withdraw from a class after this date, you will receive a grade reflecting what you have earned based on all requirements of the course.

Failure to appear for a course does not drop you from the course. SPS does not purge students from the rosters if they do not attend the classes. You must contact your advisor to explain you will not be attending the course and you wish to be dropped from the course. To receive a 100% refund for the course, this must be done before Friday of the first week of the term.

Adding Courses

Due to the fast pace of our classes, we have seen a need to limit when a student can enter them. Students may add a weekday course to their schedule only in the first week of the term, before the second class meeting of the course (See below)

  • Students wanting to add a Monday-Wednesday evening class must add it before the Wednesday class meets during the first week of the term.
  • Students wanting to add a Tuesday-Thursday evening class must add it before the Thursday class meets during the first week of the term.
  • Students wanting to add a blended class must add it before the second meeting of the class. It is the student’s responsibility to catch up with any discussion or assignments already assigned.
  • Students may not add a Saturday class after the first class of the term has concluded.


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