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Student Expectations

“Learning is not a spectator sport. Students do not learn much just by sitting in class listening to teachers, memorizing prepackaged assignments, and spitting out answers. They must talk about what they are learning, write about it, relate it to past experiences, apply it to their daily lives. They must make what they learn part of themselves (Chickering, A & Gamson, Z. F. (March 1987) Seven principles for good practice. AAHE Bulletin 39: 3-7)."

Bringing a quality education to the adult student can be very demanding. The administrators, faculty, and staff work hard to maintain quality in the facilities we use, the courses we teach, and the services we provide. However, it also requires the student take part in this partnership. Below you will read the Student Outcome Goals as determined by the faculty at UIW. SPS has built these into our classes to prepare our students for life after obtaining their degree. Being a lifelong learner takes effort and commitment on everyone’s part.

Learning can also be difficult. This is especially true when, as an adult, you have been away from the formal classroom for a while. We know you have your job, social and family obligations taking up a large portion of your time. But please remember, you have just started a part-time job. We expect that every SPS student spend 10 - 12 hours per week on each course they are enrolled in for a given term. Of the 10-12 hours, four hours per week are spent in the classroom, in front of the instructor. In our blended classes students will meet for 2 or 3 hours depending in the day or level of class.

In our accelerated classes, all the material you are expected to know to successfully complete each course may not be covered in the classroom. Therefore, you will need to allot time to study and do homework on your own in order to grasp the material not being covered. Some instructors may distribute study guides for their courses, but don't expect it from everyone. College is not about giving the student the answers - it is about exciting the student enough to grow and to seek their own answers.

We also want to make you aware that some courses are going to be more difficult than others for a multitude of reasons. We also know you may not like every instructor you take, but that does not preclude you from taking the course. We have developed common course outlines, so we can assure the same course is being taught at all of our locations. The outlines prescribe the desired student outcomes for a student to be successful in each class. The burden placed on the faculty is to create a learning environment whereby they can convey the outcomes through their instruction. The student then needs to make the most in their efforts to learn the material by working diligently to complete the assigned work.

For more information on the expectations of SPS students, please meet with your Academic Advisor.


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