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Payment Options and Financial Aid

Business Office 

Mailing Address:
4301 Broadway, CPO #324
San Antonio, Texas 78209
Telephone: (210) 829-6099
More Info:

Financial Assistance Counselor
4301 Broadway
San Antonio, Texas 78209
Telephone: (210) 829-6008
Fax: (210) 283-5053

UIW Business Office:
Financial Aid Office:

NOTE: All Correspondence with the Business Office and the Financial Aid Office will be done using only Cardinal Mail

Students can receive Financial Aid in the forms of PELL Grants, Student Loans, and Outside Scholarships

To be eligible for financial assistance, a student must:

  • Be enrolled at least half-time in a degree-seeking program. Half-time is defined as enrolled for at least 6 credits in one 8-week term.
  • Be making satisfactory academic progress.
  • Not be in default on any Federal and/or State loan program.
  • Not owe a refund on any Federal or State Grant.
  • Submit your current Student Aid Report (SAR) or its electronic equivalent.
  • Submit a completed UIW Student Information Form (SIF), and any other documents requested by the Office of Financial Assistance (OFA).

Types of Federal Financial Assistance

Financial Aid (FA) is available to all SPS students. Refer to the Financial Aid web pages for information to help you get started as well as continue with benefits. They also have links to scholarships and grants which are available to SPS students.

To receive FA benefits, students must be classified as part-time. This means you must take at least 6 credits in semester. In SPS, a semester spans two terms. See the list below to determine the semesters.

Fall I and Fall II are the fall semesters.
Spring I and Spring II are the spring semesters.
Summer I and Summer II are the summer semesters.

Payment Policy

Registration for an academic term is not complete until full payment for the current and/or prior terms has been made, or until a student has entered into a payment plan with the University. Payment arrangements must be finalized before the first class day of the term/semester. Students may have their registration cancelled at that time if payment arrangements have not been completed.

Students who are employee reimbursed are not required to pay in full before the start of the term. Employee reimbursed students are given until the end of the following term to pay in full.

All International students are required to pay the full semester's tuition and fees upon registering each semester. International students will not be allowed to enroll in a payment plan.

Students who have not met their total financial obligations to the University may not be permitted to enroll for a subsequent academic term and current registration is subject to cancellation.

Withdrawal without proper notice entails failure in all courses for the semester, and the student is held liable for the full payment of tuition, fees, and other charges.

Students must pay their financial obligation to the University to have diplomas and transcripts released. In addition, if payment is not made in full, students may be prohibited from participating in the graduation ceremony.

The student agrees to assume liability for any debt incurred during his/her attendance at the University. In the event of a delinquency or default, the student will pay all reasonable costs of collection including but not limited to attorney fees and necessary court costs. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Payment Methods

Semester Invoices are published monthly at the ePayment Center.  An e-mail notification will be sent to your UIW e-mail account when a new invoice is published.

Secured Web payments for tuition and fees are accepted online. Please log in to MyWord portal and click on ePaymentCenter located within the QuickLaunch Navigation. Further instructions can be accessed at the UIW Business Office page.

Cash, *check and credit card payments for the payment of tuition and fees are accepted at the Business Office, Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Payments sent via mail should be forwarded to: UIW Business Office, 4301 Broadway CPO# 291, San Antonio, Texas 78209. All checks must include the student’s name, student account number, and specific term to insure proper credit to account.
*Drop Box located next to Rm. 190 in the Administration Building
The following credit cards are accepted: Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Installments: Elect to pay tuition by using the two installments plan. Before the start of the course, the student must have remitted one half of the current term’s tuition to the Business Office. The second installment will be due the following month.

VA benefits: If you are using VA benefits, please indicate this on your registration form and visit our UIW Veterans’ website.

Financial Aid: Students must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and a UIW Student Information form every year. To be eligible for federal loans, you must be enrolled at least half-time. Students enrolled in terms of eight weeks or less will not receive disbursements for federal loans until they attend half-time hours for the overall semester. A student is limited to a maximum of two courses per 8-week term. Visit the Financial Aid website for more info

Military Tuition Assistance: Military Tuition Assistance should be submitted to the Business by the 100% drop date.  It is important all Tuition Assistance vouchers are submitted on time.  While it is guarantee of payment, they are not considered payment by the University.  Because of this your account may show a balance until the actual funds have been received.  We will begin invoicing the military after the 100% drop date.

Employer Reimbursement: If you are using employer reimbursement, you must indicate so on your registration form. It is the student’s responsibility to submit their grades and bill to their employer and to return payment to the University before the beginning of the next term. If this is not possible, the student must keep current with their account by paying the University before they are reimbursed by their company.

Business Office FAQ's

What is a Business Office Hold?
An account with any balance, no matter how small, will have a Business Office Hold.  Any account with a balance automatically has a hold placed on it.  If you are in compliance with the University’s current payment guidelines your registration will be pushed through with your hold.

Can I still receive official transcripts if I have a balance?
No. Every student wanting to pick up official transcripts must have a zero balance before they can obtain a copy.   You may print out an unofficial transcript at any time.

What is the Records fee?
The Records Fee is a $40 one-time fee charged to all students to cover the cost of instructional records (i.e. transcripts, verification of enrollment, etc…) requested.

Why do I get charged a Graduation Fee?
The Graduation Fee is charged the semester that the student will be graduating. It is a fee assessed by the Registrar’s Office in order to process the graduation application submitted by the student.

What is a Late Application for Graduation Fee?
The Registrar’s Office has scheduled deadlines for turning in the proper paperwork associated with graduation. Failure to meet these deadlines may result in a late charge.  This is in addition to the $50.00 Graduation Fee.

What is a Drop Fee?
An administrative fee of $50.00 is assessed for each course a student drops or changes in a term.  If a course is dropped after the 100% drop date you will be responsible for the entire cost of the course plus the drop fee.  It is the student’s responsibility to review their course calendar and be aware of impending deadlines.

What if my loans don’t come in on time?
It is your responsibility to file your applications with the Office of Financial Assistance within a reasonable time frame (prior to enrolling for a respective semester). The Office of Financial Assistance should be able to estimate the time it will take in order for your loan(s) to be received and assessed to your student account. Contact the Office of Financial Assistance at (210) 829-6008 with any questions you may have regarding your awards. It is the student’s responsibility to review their monthly billing statement in order to assure that proper credit has been issued.

When can I expect to receive my refund check?
After the 100% drop date and within 14 days after all of your financial assistance comes in and covers your entire balance. Students are not allowed to pick up refund checks. Checks are either mailed to the permanent address listed on your student account or directly deposited into a specified bank account.   For more information on eRefunds, please visit


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