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Academic Integrity

University of the Incarnate Word is strongly committed to the nurturing of academic excellence. The University expects its students to pursue and maintain truth, honesty and personal integrity in their academic work. Academic dishonesty, in any form, constitutes a serious threat to the freedoms, which define an academic community. The following definitions and guidelines have therefore been established to secure the maintenance of academic integrity at Incarnate Word.

Forms of Academic Dishonesty include, but are not limited to:

Cheating: Fraudulent or deceitful work on tests, examinations, or other class or laboratory work.
Plagiarism: Appropriation of another’s work and the unacknowledged incorporation of that work in one's own written work offered for credit.
Counterfeit Work: Including turning in, as one's own work that which was created, researched or produced by someone else.
Falsification of Academic Records: Knowingly and improperly changing grades on transcripts, grade sheets, electronic datasheets, class reports, projects or other academically related documents.
Unauthorized Reuse of Work: The turning in of the same work to more than one class without consent of the instructor involved constitutes academic dishonesty.
Theft: Unauthorized use or circulation of tests or answer sheets specifically prepared for a given course and as yet not used or publicly released by the instructor of a course, or theft of completed tests.
Collusion - Involvement in Collusion: Unauthorized collaboration with another to violate a provision of the Code of Academic Integrity.
Facilitating Academic Dishonesty: Intentionally or knowingly helping or attempting to help another to violate a provision of the Academic Integrity Policy of the University.
Instructors who are concerned that some form of academic dishonesty has occurred shall confront the student directly and report the matter to the Dean.

Any member of the student body or staff of the University of the Incarnate Word who is concerned that a student has engaged in some form of academic dishonesty should report the incident to the Dean of the respective program, which oversees the course in question. The Dean will then initiate the process of investigation.

Plagiarism is on the rise. It has become too easy for students to cut and paste from the Internet. Failure to properly cite information used in this manner is plagiarism. It is your responsibility to know how to avoid this problem. A quick search on the Internet can display many instructive websites.|

Some instructors will indicate in their course outlines that you should purchase the APA Style Guide. Visit or other college and university writing centers to read more. One of the most popular is from Purdue University: . Other instructor may ask you to use an alternate style. It is your responsibility to know the style in use for that particular class.


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