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Preparing for class

What should I do to prepare for the first night of class?

I remember, VIVIDLY, getting ready to take my first college class. I was an adult, married, had a child, paying for a car, a house payment, utilities…but was really thrown by that all important first night of class. Lots of questions ran through my head like “can I do this…what if I have been out of school to long…will I look stupid…and what if I can’t to this”. Nothing like going to school later in life to take a hit on the self confidence!

So, what did I do? I realized that as an adult I brought all kind of things that a student right out of high school did not. I knew how to prioritize, to make informed decisions and to critical analyze important issues. All of my life experiences actually provide me with some very important tools to start my academic career. Instead of being behind the curve, I was actually out in front of the pack!

You have made a very important decision for your future, but your schooling will have an immediate impact on your family. One of the first things you should do to prepare is to sit down and have a family meeting. Your spouse and your kids need to be included in the discussion of going back to school. They need to feel like they play an active role in your education and they do! Without them you will have difficulty finding the time and support you need to go to school and be a good parent and spouse. Something as simple as setting up a time for you and your kids to do your homework together is a great way to include them but also to show them the value of pursuing their education.

Article written by: Dr. Cyndi Wilson Porter, Vice President for Extended Academic Programs at the University of the Incarnate Word.

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