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Nonprofit Organization Workshops

The School of Professional Studies at the University of the Incarnate Word selects uniquely-qualified providers to deliver exciting opportunities for those interested in beginning a new career. We have partnered with Dorinda Rolle (PhD, MBA) to offer training on how to start and run a nonprofit organization. Begin your journey by attending a free introductory workshop to explore the pros and cons of starting a nonprofit organization.

Free 2-Hour Introductory Nonprofit Workshop

Saturday: November 10, 2018

9-11 a.m. and 12-2 p.m.

The workshop will be held in Room 116 at the UIW Northwest Center.

November 10 Registration Form

Topics include:
  • What is/isn’t a nonprofit
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Nonprofit vs Tax Exempt
  • Types of nonprofit organizations
  • What nonprofits do
  • Qualifying for 501(c)(3) Status
  • Board of Directors requirement
  • Legal structure
  • Profits and dividends
  • How to pay yourself
  • Taxes and tax exemption
  • Transparency
  • Tax deductible donations
  • Grants (free money!)

Attend the FREE workshop to receive your free workbook and use it to get a head start on setting up your new nonprofit organization the right way.

Complete Your 501(c)(3) Application Workshop

Saturday, November 17, 2018
9 a.m. – 1p.m.

The workshop will be held in Room 116 at the UIW Northwest Center.

November 17 Registration Form

Email for more info

This is an intensive step-by-step workshop with hands-on coaching for those who are starting a nonprofit organization and want apply for IRS tax exemption. This workshop will provide everything you need to complete the application successfully.

Topics include:
  • The three things that absolutely must be addressed in your organizing document. Without them your application WILL be rejected
  • Fundraising ideas and how to describe them in your application
  • How to address and avoid Conflicts of Interest in your application
  • What salaries and expenses to include in your budget
  • The best way to format required supplemental information
  • The 8 exempt purposes allowable under the 501(c)(3) code
  • PLUS - Hands-on coaching during and after the workshop
  • PLUS - Line-by-line, step by step instruction
  • PLUS - Templates for Incorporation, Bylaws, Conflict of Interest Policy

Nonprofit QuickStart Program

If you have already started your nonprofit organization and want to quickly learn how to operate it efficiently for maximum effectiveness or you want to learn how to manage an existing nonprofit, register for the Nonprofit QuickStart Program. The Nonprofit QuickStart Program is an empowering program to get your nonprofit up and running. This program meets for 2 full-day high impact sessions and includes 2-hours of one-on-one coaching specifically for your nonprofit organization.

Workshop includes all materials and dynamic subject matter experts for each topic.
Class meetings are held at UIW Northwest Education Center

Topics Include:
  • Legal Compliance Issues
  • Crafting Vision, Mission and Values Statements
  • Strategic Planning for nonprofits
  • Nonprofit Boards (yes, there is a difference)
  • Staff and Volunteer Management
  • Development and Fundraising
  • Grant Writing Essentials
  • Developing your grants template
  • Financial Management for Nonprofits
  • What annual forms to file with the IRS
  • Maintaining Your 501(c)(3) status
  • How and when to issue tax deductible receipts for donations
  • Marketing and Social Media for nonprofits
  • Crisis Management for Nonprofits
  • Free resources
  • And much more!