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Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program is a program designed to develop, enhance and advance professionals in the field of Criminal Justice. It is a synthesis of traditional and contemporary crime studies. It is designed to equip students with an in-depth understanding of the functions of the United States Criminal Justice System; expose them to the system’s etymology, the evolution of traditional crimes; provide students with the solid foundation needed to understand and deal with contemporary crime. The program pays particular attention to new and evolving crime trends. This includes but is not limited to crime in the fields of contemporary Juvenile Justice, Digital Forensics, Homeland Security, Investigation, 21st Century Terrorism, Corporate crime etc. The program prepares students to incorporate Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) techniques used to investigate, combat, and reduce recidivism rates.

Major Requirements

Completion of 46 semester hours of UIW Core Curriculum

Students must complete the following specific courses in the UIW Core Curriculum requirements:
MATH 1304, 1306 or 1308 (satisfies the mathematics requirement)
PSYC 1301 Introduction to Psychology (satisfies social science requirement)

Criminal Justice Core Requirements (33 Hours)

CRIJ  1301 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRIJ  1308 Criminalistics
CRIJ  1325 Criminology
CRIJ  2310 Criminal Law and Procedure
CRIJ  2313 Introduction to Corrections
CRIJ  2328 Law Enforcement
CRIJ  2333 Juvenile Justice
CRIJ  3315 Legal and Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
CRIJ  3360 Criminal Justice Administration
CRIJ  3370 Criminal Justice Research Methods
CRIJ  4380 Capstone in Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Elective Requirements (27 Hours)

CRIJ 2303 Introduction to Homeland Security
CRIJ 3300 Public and Private Security
CRIJ 3330 Race, Gender, Ethnicity and the Law
CRIJ 3335 Civil Liability
CRIJ 3340 Victimology
CRIJ 3380 Criminal Investigation
CRIJ 3390 Terrorism and Homeland Security
CRIJ 4300 Corporate Crime and Deviance
CRIJ 4305 Cyber Crimes
CRIJ 4320 Sex Crimes
CRIJ 4340 Women in Criminal Justice
CRIJ 4390 Concepts in Self-Defense
CRIJ 4395 Internship in Criminal Justice

Free Elective Module (14 hours)

Total with requirements must equal at least 120 credit hours to be eligible for graduation.

Transfer Policy

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Minor in Criminal Justice

Minor Requirements (15 hours)

CRIJ 1301 Introduction to Criminal Justice 
CRIJ 1325 Criminology
3000 - 4000 CJ Elective
3000 - 4000 CJ Elective
3000 - 4000 CJ Elective

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